Floyd Rose Trem-Setter

The Trem Setter shown here was first spotted on Kramers in Late 1986. The device allowed the Floyd to remain in the floating position (not resting on the body) while keeping the trem in a stopped resting position.

Floyds had an additional metal piece attached on trem setter models in order to mount the trem in a direct fixed position (no movement forward or backward). This was accomplished with two allen head screws that attached the Floyd piece to the setter that was anchored into the body. If it was desired to allow the trem to have forward movement, but not backward, then the two Allen head screws were removed.

Many of these devices were removed by their owners in order to facilitate full use of the Floyd (backward and forward). It is noted to that the tremsetter device was used prior to routing recessed trem cavities in Kramer bodies that appeared in 1987-1988.

The tremsetter that was installed on Kramers is very different from the tremsetters that are sold today. Newer devices utilize a replacement device in place of a middle spring in the trem cavity.

Picture of "modern Tremsetter

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