Kramer Guitars - Gibson Era and Musicyo

This page is dedicated to the newer,Gibson line of Kramer Guitars. The Gibson era of Kramers first started as a direct store online to purchase Kramers. These guitars are sometimes referenced as the "Musicyo" Kramers. Around 2008, Gibson discontinued Musicyo and went to a traditional dealer network for Kramer sales. If you are new to Kramer collecting or have acquired a guitar that you believe to be of this era, it is very important that you are aware of the names. The names do not necessarily correspond to how the vintage era of Kramer branded their guitars.

Baretta Models (Guitars and Basses)

Baretta FR404SM
Baretta FR404SD
Baretta FR404SN
Baretta FR404SNL
Baretta FX404SM
Baretta FX404SX
Baretta II Pro
US Assembled
Baretta Infinity
Baretta 422SP
Baretta 422SPL
Baretta 522SP
5 String
Baretta 522SPL
5 String
85 Baretta Reissue
100% Made in USA

Baretta VT200
Prototype Only

Baretta Special

1984 Models and Jersey Star

1984 - First Issue Red
1984 - Bullseye
(had two variations)
1984 - Bullseye
(black hardware)
Jersey Star
Baretta FX404SM
Baretta FX404SX

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