Eddie's Guitars

Here's some Kramers and Non-Kramers of Eddie's, but not even all of them (Just a glance at his HUGE collection). You can "pick" out more of his guitars in the "above the garage pictures," within the 5150 Studio page. Some guitars are various guitar giveaways to institutions such as the Hard Rock Cafe, which aren't verified as Edward owned, but are presumed to have been at least made by or played once by Edward.

Kramer 5150
Kramer 1984
Kramer Hot for Teacher
Kramer Custom
Kramer Baretta
with Berger Transtrem
Kramer Baretta
with Gibson Explorer Neck
Striped Kramer
Yet another one
Kramer Ad Replica Frankie
Made in Neptune, NJ
Edward Constructed Kramer
Orlando Hard Rock Cafe
Seen in Ed in Factory Pics

Kramer Striped
From the Hollywood

Kramer 918V (as labeled)
From the Hard Rock Cafe
Los Angeles, CA
Baretta - 5150 Paint
Orlando Hard Rock Cafe
Thanks Matt!
Kramer Pacer
Hard Rock Cafe
Giveaway Guitar
Kramer Ripley
Red Cloud Paint

(early Black and White)

(early with Strat Headstock)
With Classic Head
(with Kramer Banana Neck)
Charvel Hybrid
VH 2
"See ya" Guitar
as imprinted on the
"Unchained Guitar"
official "unofficial" name
Rasta Guitar
Believed to be owned by
Dweezil Zappa now
Steinberger GL 2T
Thanks Andy at www.steinbergerworld.com
Steinberger OU812
Voyager/Star Hybrid
Les Paul
Les Paul
Les Paul
Les Paul
Les Paul
Les Paul
Les Paul
Les Paul Replica
Little Guitar
Ripley Guitar
Ripley Bass (just like Ed's)
See Ed's in Garage Pics
Charvel Hydra Guitar
Homemade #1
Homemade #2
Kramer Pacer
Ibanez "Shark" Destroyer
Custom Carved Mess
Gibson Flying V
50's Model
Yellow Aluminum/Wood Double-Neck
(notice Rockinger Trem)
Red Aluminum/Wood Double-Neck
Ed's #1 Ernie Ball
Amber with D-Tuna
Ernie Ball EVH
Green with D-Tuna
Ernie Ball EVH
Ernie Ball EVH
Striped Ernie Ball
EVH Signature
Ernie Ball EVH
Ying Yang Graphic

Prototype EB EVH/Axis
Notice Axis on Head

EB EVH Signature
Red Quilt
EB EVH Signature
Gold Top
EB EVH Signature
Purple, Stop Tail
Ernie Ball
Three Single Coils
Ernie Ball Custom
Maple Leaf

Ernie Ball EVH Baritone
Ernie Ball EVH Baritone
Ernie Ball Doubleneck
Red, Custom Made
Ernie Ball Doubleneck
Purple, Custom Made

Tobacco Quilt Sunburst
Purple Flame Top
Wolfgang Special
Quilt Flat Top w/ Sustainer
Wolfgang Special
White w/ Trans Trem
Red Quilt with PV Stickers
Wolfgang Standard
Amber Quilt
From the Not Enough Video
Wolfgang Special
Black w/ Trans Trem
Striped Wolfgang
Wolfgang Special
Black w/ Sustainer
Wolfgang Archtop
White - Pictured is like Ed's
Wolfgang Custom Shop
Cherry Burst with Sustainer
Wolfgang Custom Shop
Green Flame with Sustainer
Mini-Peavey Wolf
Used for Lil' Guitars
EVH Series Wolfgang
Cherry Burst Quilt
EVH Series Wolfgang
Creme Version
2012 Stealth Tour WG
w killswitch
2015 Tour Relic
EVH Wolfgang
2012 Tour Wolf
Tokyo Live Guitar
Wolfgang Special
Natural Mohagany
w/ 2 Piezio Pickups
Wolfgang Special
3 Single Coils
and 5 waySwitch
Classical Guitar
by Jose Ramirez
Acoustic Guitar
by Martin
Acoustic Guitar
by Peavey
Jack Daniel's Bass
Honorable Mention!!

Other Misc. Ed Guitars

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