Vintage Kramer was created to remind and inform fans of an 80's legend, Kramer Guitars . This guitar company started out in the 1970's as an aluminum guitar maker, and evolved into an 80's rock guitar legend when they realized there was a definite niche for 80's players and the guitars they wanted to play. Vintage Kramer is created and maintained by Kramer fans and enthusiasts, unlike other sites that are ran by dealers. Thank you for your support!

February 11 , 2013

CISPA is back - Let Your Voice Be Heard for your Digital Freedom
The government is back at it again with CISPA. If you like visiting sites like Vintage Kramer and many other sites on the web, and do not appreciate the government checking on your private surfing and other internet related items, I highly suggest you sign the petition here. The US government has grown big enough, and we need to shut them down. Call your local representatives and get active in this overreaching big brother attitude the government is taking iwth our last chance at digital freedom on the internet.

Vintage Kramer Facebook

Head over to Facebook and hit us up if you want. Click here.

Gary Kramer Illusionist - Magma
Leo over at GKG sent us a new Illusionist to review. These are great axes that are affordable, yet feature that custom, small shop design that most Kramer lovers embrace. Make sure and support the cause with those guys and visit Gary Kramer

Kramer - Vintage Single Cutaway Model
Our good friend Tim (Amerturk on the Kramer Forum) tracked down some photos of the Kramer single cutaway model (name unknown), which was previously thought to be a Billy Squire signature model. The Rare and Weird page has been updated with some new photos that some of you might find interesting. Thanks Tim!

Browser Compatibility and Broken Menu Links

As many of our visitors have noticed, there are menu and web page unresolved error messages when browsing Vintage Kramer. The reason for this was due to a bug in our menu code that we are currently working on resolving. User's with Internet Explorer did not notice the problem, this was an issue for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome users. We have started the fixing process and we should have this complete by the end of September. In the meantime, we are uploading pages as they get fixed, so you may notice some pages that are already fixed.

Rt1 Music and Guitar Shop

Support our friends over at Rt1 Guitars! Looking for a new Kramer? Check out their inventory and ebay auctions. They have many Kramer models, including Strikers, Pacer Imperials, and others to choose from in addition to many guitar parts and accessories.

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